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Welcome to J.L. Renée Art and Designs

Thank you for visiting our new website! We enjoyed serving you over the 2016 holidays, and look forward to sharing our work with you in the future! We've been busy putting our handmade designs together. We feature the unique artwork originals created by the Arnold Family of Michigan. We regularly feature the art of William Arnold Sr., Patricia Arnold, William Arnold Jr., Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold.

You can view and purchase our work at Amazon Handmade, Etsy and directly from us. We sell paintings on canvas in nature and wildlife themes. Custom orders are available for portraits on canvas by Patricia Arnold and personalized bead work by Lisa Arnold.

About J.L. Renée Art and Designs

My name is Patricia Arnold, and I run J.L. Renée Art Studio with my daughters and fellow artists, Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. We're an artistic family working from our upstairs art studio, and we hope you'll love our work.

I've been a fine artist for decades, beginning with drawing and color pencil illustration. I studied painting, learning the knowledge necessary to create the hues I wanted. I studied art and design at three different colleges, experiencing the joy of drawing, painting and design.

I graduated with degrees in Graphic Design, Graphics, Marketing and Computer Science. My art work has been featured on book covers, in art galleries and on t-shirts

Our booth Summer 2016.

Production Methods
Artist Patricia Arnold creates wood burned decorative items and art using a pyrography machine. Pyrography means "writing with fire" - a medium that Patricia has been working with for over two decades. To create her amazing one-of-a-kind woodburned designs, Patricia sketches her ideas with a pencil onto a variety of wood surfaces. The wood is then burned using various line and shade techniques. Some woods require more heat while others burn better at lower temperatures. Each design is painstakingly rendered by hand using a variety of pyrography pens. On small pieces like earrings, Patricia uses magnification to get the right amount of detail.

Patricia also creates paintings on canvas and enjoys painting people, animals and landscapes in a realism/impressionist style. Her current preferred medium is acrylic and water based paints. Each painting is sealed to protect the detail.

The J.L. Renée Art Studio features art work and loom beaded items by artists (and Arnold Family members) Jessica Arnold, Lisa Arnold and William Arnold. Each beaded design is carefully planned using the artists' imagination and transferred to a loom. Silver, copper and various metals are used to complete the piece.

We love what we do and are proud to be a family handmade business creating original works!

Custom Orders
Custom Order Options: I paint portraits on canvas and I'm accepting orders for personalized woodburned items. Lisa Arnold is accepting orders for beaded jewelry. Contact us to learn more!

Want to see even more art? Visit our Art Board on Pinterest!
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